It is a digital art studio which offers three sets of virtual world: Sketch Aquarium, Dino World and Space Jamming. In Digital Sketch Theater children could turn their imaginative sketches into life in projected virtual setting. Movie dates can also be arranged for children who simply want to hang out in our theater with friends.


Cook@PlayLab aims at creating a culinary playground of fun cooking and baking for children. The class will focus on establishing the facts that cooking is fun and everyone can cook. All activities will be hands-on with learning recipes that can be implemented at home.

Cook@PlayLab will cater to school field trips, birthday parties and customize group party requests. Cook@PlayLab are events not only for children, but also teenagers and adults. Stay tune for our future updates!

Junior Cookdates (age 3.5 to 6 yo):

This group of younger children will learn through sensory activities to discover tastes, textures and smells of variety of food.

Cook R’Us (age 7 to 12 yo):

This group of older children will learn the ABCs of food creation from selection of ingredients, cooking process, cooking tools up to food presentation.


A corner of relaxation, learning and discovery. Exposing children to reading on their own, selecting a book of their interests, story telling, role play, as well activities in a setting filled with books. Let’s make a positive difference one word at a time!


Art@Playlab is committed to create a holistic art program where kids can learn, play and discover in a limitless environment. Our art syllabus encompasses wide ranging art techniques, craft play and public presentation skills.

Our carefully planned program covers 3 main areas:

Elements of Art

Children will learn the fundamental of art which include techniques and medium.

Elements of Craft

Children will learn the basic of craft construction method.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skill

Children are encouraged to share about what they have learnt and created during their time in class.

Bean – 3.5 to 6 years old:

Monthly theme – different lesson weekly.

Sprout – 6 to 12 years old:

Monthly theme - different lesson weekly.
come on in and take some classes with us! Your little Picassos, Boteros or Matisses will love their time here!


Fun-filled yet educational outlet for kids to play. Let kids get creative, solve problems and act out scenarios as they selfregulate, boost their social skills to get along with peers, pay attention to safety instructions and keep themselves in check.


Jakarta’s first kids café of its kind, offering healthy, nutritious, yummylicious fusion menu for children. Yes, priority is in fulfilling children’s appetite; yet we will save whoever drops us a smile.