PlayLab is a place for children to learn through fun play, by engaging them in stimulating, entertaining, mind-boggling activities; as they cultivate their interests, creativities, curiosities and social skills. Simply put, children will learn, play, party and have playdates at PlayLab.

Mon to Fri

11 am - 6 pm

Sat and Sun

10 am - 6 pm


Coco Inspired Halloween at PlayLab

Halloooooooo-ween is coming soon! What about spending your halloween with your friends at PlayLab. We've got Coco-Inspired Halloween Party!

Lists of activity:
- Food Galore: Coco Sugar Cookies & Nacho Cups
- Art Galore: Calavera Masks & Sombreros
- Mexican Dance 101
- Pinata
- Halloween Tattoo
- Face Painting
- Halloween Fashion Walk for Best Costume (Top 3 Winners)

RSVP Activity:
Ukulele Painting @120K (Bring home your masterpiece ukulele)

RSVP NOW! WA to 0877 5778 7788 or call 021 3005 1689

Art Healing

Art Healing Program, powered by The Golden Space Indonesia. Let's stimulate your kids mood after going back to school. Benefits:
- Expressing your subconscious emotions through art.
- Discovering color healing vibrations.
- Healing through art and colors.

Saturday, 25 August 2018
From 10 to 12 PM

Quick make your RSVP. Call us now via WA 0877 5778 7788 or call 021 3005 1689.

Introduction to Basic Calligraphy

Basic Calligraphy Workshop with @handmadebyhennyapinat PlayLab!
The class are open for children minimal 10 years old, too! Come visit us for the workshop and have a nice Mom and Children moments together.

In this 4-hour workshop, we will learn how to use the traditional dip nib pen. Participants will be equipped with fundamentals to prepare calligraphy tools, proper arm and body position and how to do basic stroke, uppercase, lowercase, letters and some common greetings. At the end of this class, you will understand the basic strokes which is the most important in letterforms of calligraphy.

Quick make your RSVP by calling us via WA 0877 5778 7788 or call 021 3005 1689. #WorkshopatPlayLab

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation For Beginners at @playlab.indonesia, brought to you by @thegoldenspaceindonesia! Have you been wanting to learn how to meditate but don't know where to start? Let this Meditation for Beginners session show you the way.

The Golden Space is to be a part of the universal force which is Non-Religious and Universal, bringing heavens on Earth in all ways possible, with pure love, light and spiritual healings for mankind and Mother Earth, through the promotion of workshops, courses, healing and other holistic services to all. Indulge yourself in this session together with us and look for the good benefits afterwards. Perfect for people with Relationship, Health, Work, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Focus issues.

RSVP Only. Call us now via WA 0877 5778 7788 or call 021 3005 1689.  #WorkshopatPlayLab

Batik Art

Batik Art Workshop for 8 yo+ at PlayLab!

Coming soon on Thursday, 28 June from 1 pm - 2.30 pm. Let's learn how to make batik pattern using traditional canting and color dipping process.

IDR 150K / pax with max. 15 pax.

RSVP latest by Wednesday, 27 June. Book your spot now! Contact us via WA 0877 5778 7788 or call 021 3005 1689 for more information.


BMIS Preschool

Our school field trip at PlayLab PIK was a very positive experience. The place was designed thoughtfully to create a safe, interesting and stimulating environment for the children. Variety of activities were planned to suit to our school theme. Seeing our digital sketch move and about and became ‘alive’ on a screen definitely gave the children a boost of excitement and joy. Two thumbs up for PlayLab Team.

Acacia House

Thank you so much for hosting us today. The children have so much fun and they want to come back!

Happy Letters

Thank you to PlayLab for hosting our field trip. Definitely all of the children had lots of fun and a day full of creative activities prepared  by experienced trainer. It is a fruitful field trip where children can learn through play.

iDear Daan Mogot

PlayLab has a cozy and great environment. The staffs were so nice and friendly too. I found that our kids could follow direction easily in each and every activities there. Most importantly our kids were having fun in PlayLab. We are looking forward to exploring other activity in PlayLab.